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Little Momma, Little Prince, and Little Lord Feducci

We've heard people say that one of the things they enjoy about our website is the scrolling, rolling gallery of pets that enter our doors and, in particular, the names of those pets.  We take these shots in our reception area (and there's a tremendous archive on the website);  at this writing, the gallery starts with a Bernese Mountain Dog named Walter and a sweet-looking kitten named Monster, and includes a rat Walter2named Faust.  We have our share of more conventional names, though.    It has recently been reported that, for the fifth consecutive year, Buddy has been the most popular dog name for adoptable dogs, and Lucy was most popular for adoptable cats.   We have 26 Buddys currently in the practice -- five avians, fifteen canines, two felines, one bearded dragon, one iguana, one tortoise and one guinea pig.  And our Lucys are one ferret, five felines, one guinea pig, and fifteen canines.  

It's fun to just pick a word and see what turns up.   In the first name "Little", for example, we take care of

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In February, Dr. John Baillie will be appointed president-elect of the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association, taking his place in the leadership of the 1979-member state-wide group, which is the professional association for all veterinarians in the state.   The MVMA names, among its missions, goals of advocating effectively for animal welfare, enhancing the knowledge and skills of veterinary professionals, and identifying and mentoring future leaders of the veterinary profession.  Dr. Baillie will assume its presidency in February 2013.  
At the same meeting next month, Dr. Baillie will be inducted as a Life Member, having joined the organization shortly after his graduation from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in 1972.  

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AAHA Suggested Pet Gifts!

Cedar Pet Clinic Lake Elmo is proud to be accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association, and we're happy to pass on the annual AAHA list of suggested pet gifts.   We especially approve of Number One!

Special edition: AAHA's top 10 holiday pet picks 


With Santa’s reindeer gearing up for a sleighful of deliveries to pets and their people, pet owners are hitting the stores to do their own shopping for their furry friends. From stainless steel water fountains to Angry Birds toys, pet gifts this season will have pets (and humans) drooling and howling for more.
Here are some staff favorites from the team at AAHA that are sure to get tails wagging and paws pouncing this holiday season.

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After-Hours Emergencies

After Hours Veterinary Care
1014 Dale Street North
St. Paul, MN 55117
(Inside Como Park Animal Hospital just north of downtown St. Paul)
24-hour care for multiple species

Animal Emergency & Referral Center of MN
1163 Helmo Avenue N
Oakdale, MN 55128


Animal Emergency & Referral Center of MN
1542 7th St. W.
St. Paul, MN 55012
(located 2 blocks east of 35E)