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Pet Food is Piling Up!

It's only been one week since we announced that we would again be collecting pet food for the Valley Outreach Food Shelf, and already our consultation room has more than 300 pounds stacked in a rapidly-overflowing corner.    Thank you so much for your generosity!   Dr. Baillie reports that, after the Pioneer Press picked up our announcement on March 8,  calls and drop-ins began to increase from all over the Moe atop foodOfficial clinic greeter Kitty Moe enjoys perching on the pet food!east metro.   "Bags of dog and cat food are coming in, and some bird food as well", said Dr. Baillie.  "At this rate, we'll have to make two trips to the food shelf.  Last year's total was 650 pounds of food, and it looks like we'll exceed that this year."   The clinic will accept donations through the end of March FoodShare month; any brand, any size, for any kind of pet.

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For Valentine's Day (and every day!), Dr. Plantz suggests how we can bring the love...

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we all like to show our dogs how much we love them.  We don’t have to buy new toys or give them calorie- rich treats, though.  Here are some ways to show your dog how much you love him without adding unneeded calories or breaking the bank:
**Take off her collar and spend a few minutes scratching her fur and skin where her collar normally sits.  She will love getting scratched in an area that doesn’t normally get any attention.Be MineBe Mine
**If your dog shows interest in the TV, rent some movies with nature animal themes (maybe wolves).  Turn the volume up, sit on the floor with her, and see how she responds to various animal noises and images.
**Try dancing with your dog.  Turn on a fun song, put your dog’s paws on your waist and dance away!  
**If your dog likes car rides, take him for a long car ride in the country with the window part way down so he can smell all the good scents of the country.

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