October 15 is the Start of National Veterinary Technician's Week

During National Veterinary Technician’s Week, Cedar Pet Clinic Lake Elmo would like to highlight the contributions of the eight talented and hardworking veterinary technicians on our staff. Allow us to introduce them:

National Veterinary Technician's Week

  • Michelle, team member since 2008
  • Sue, team member since 1986
  • Kelly, team member since 2012
  • Maggie, team member since 2013
  • Kristen, team member since 2011
  • Sarah, team member since 2012
  • Jayde, team member since 2007
  • Kathleen, team member since 2012

In addition to helping care for your pets during the day, each of our veterinary technicians has at least one pet of her own. They understand exactly how much your pets mean to you.

The National Association of Veterinary Technicians started an awareness campaign in 1993 and decided to host it every year during the third week of October. The organization hoped that National Veterinary Technician’s Week would encourage greater awareness about the essential role of the vet tech and give veterinarians, other support staff, and clients the chance to say "thank you" for a job well done. Our veterinarians rely on the assistance and expertise of veterinary technicians, who complete many duties behind the scenes that clients don’t see.

Being a Vet Tech Means Being Ready for Anything
When it comes to working with animals, our veterinary technicians know to expect the unexpected. Things can and do change quickly. Clients bringing their pets in for emergency surgery, a nervous animal trying to make an escape, or an appointment going much longer than expected are just some of the things that can change the course of a day. While it’s impossible to describe a typical day, here are some of the veterinary tasks our technicians do consistently:

  • Interview clients about their pet’s health history and record information in the medical chart
  • Provide prompt first aid to injured animals
  • Collect specimens required for laboratory testing such as tissues, blood, and urine
  • Help to keep anxious animals calm by talking to them in a soothing manner providing calming touch
  • Help to restrain animals during a procedure if necessary
  • Take X-rays and develop them for the doctor
  • Administer medications and vaccines
  • Assist in preparing pets for surgery

Personal and Professional Qualities of an Excellent Veterinary Technician
This job requires someone with strong technical skills who also has a big heart. We look for team members who exhibit a high degree of compassion and professional communication skills who can convey important information to clients. Our vet techs also need strong detail orientation and good problem-solving skills. Certification for Veterinary Technicians in Minnesota requires graduation from an accredited veterinary technology program. 

Aside from preventive care exams, many pets who come to our clinic are sick or injured and often scared. That means our clients may feel stressed and upset as well. A veterinary technician is often the first person you encounter after checking in with our client care team. Our technicians are skilled at putting both you and your pet at ease. 

You Can Say Thank You Any Time of Year
National Veterinary Technician’s Week officially runs from Sunday, October 15 to Saturday, October 21 this year but you can express your appreciation whenever you happen to visit. Our entire staff also appreciates that you have chosen Cedar Pet Clinic Lake Elmo to care for the health needs of your beloved pets.

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