Have a Safe and Happy Autumn with Your Pet

Fall is in the air in Minnesota. The temperatures may still be warm, but you can tell that the seasons are shifting. Kids are back at school, stores are already selling Halloween candy, and the green leaves are slowly turning magnificent shades of orange and red. Like all seasons, fall presents unique safety hazards for dogs and cats. We encourage you to review the items below and make any needed adjustments so you and your pet can enjoy the season.

Keep These Autumn Hazards in Mind
These are some of the most common pet hazards you might encounter this fall:

Safe and Happy Autumn

Mushrooms and plants: While most mushrooms are harmless, a small percentage can cause effects such as increased salivation, allergies, and digestive distress. Since you can’t always tell safe from unsafe mushrooms, it’s best to keep your pet away from them altogether. The autumn crocus and clematis plants, which only grow in the fall, can be dangerous for your pet to chew or swallow as well.

Piles of leaves: Nothing says autumn for kids like jumping in a pile of leaves. However, make sure you rake and dispose of leaves as quickly as possible after the fun. Leaves attract moisture, which in turn causes bacteria and mold. Your dog or cat could exhibit a decreased appetite, diarrhea, and vomiting if she chews on leaves filled with these substances.

Rodent traps: Mice and other critters will try to seek shelter inside as the temperature gets cooler outside. Homeowners typically try to prevent this by placing rodent traps and poisons on the exterior of their home. If you choose to do so, make sure your pet doesn’t go near them. He could develop tremors, a depressed mood, poor appetite, and abnormal movements if he consumes rodent poison.

Snakes: Snakes are already preparing for hibernation and have little patience with other animals in what they perceive as their space. If you normally take your dog for a walk in a natural setting, be sure she stays on the trail and doesn’t chase after snakes. Your dog may also alert you to their presence in your yard by barking in an especially aggressive manner. If you notice a snake, move your dog away immediately to avoid it biting her.

Autumn Holidays
Fall also brings two big holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Although both are several weeks away, make sure that you decorate with your pet’s safety in mind. Keep streamers, cardboard cutouts, and other seasonal items well out of his reach. It’s also important not to share Halloween candy or Thanksgiving treats with your pet and to supervise him closely to ensure that others don’t either.

Contact Us in an Emergency
Sometimes accidents happen despite your best intentions. If your pet’s curiosity gets her into trouble this fall, contact us right away at 651-770-3250. You can also find after-hours emergency information by clicking on the link above. Happy fall to you and your pet.

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