How Will You Celebrate National Mutt Day?

Animal activist Colleen Paige pushed for the recognition of National Mutt Day on July 31 and December 2 each year because she felt it was important enough to celebrate twice. The purpose of National Mutt Day is to highlight the reality of puppies and dogs with mixed parentage. Unfortunately, mixed breed dogs left at shelters and/or euthanized far more than their purebred counterparts.

Celebrate National Mutt-Day

National Mutt Day, also known as National Mixed Breed Day, encourages people to consider the many benefits of dogs like labradoodles and cockapoos and to adopt one from a shelter. 
Is a Mixed Breed Dog Right for Your Family?
A mutt is no different than any other type of dog who offers love and loyalty to her family. It’s simply a matter of consideri

ng your lifestyle and deciding on the right pet. While it can cost thousands of dollars to adopt a purebred dog from a professional breeder, adopting a mixed breed from a shelter is much more affordable. Your adoption fee covers your new dog’s medical exam, vaccinations, and sterilization surgery while in the care of a shelter. 

Of course, it can be challenging when you’re uncertain of your dog’s heritage or background because you’re not certain what to expect with behavior and health. If your newly adopted pet is still a puppy, you might not know how big he will grow as an adult. The good news is that you can overcome these challenges with our help. When you bring your dog to Cedar Pet Clinic Lake Elmo for the first time, we will determine his breeds if you haven’t already and provide you with plenty of information to take good care of him.

Help Spread the Word About Lovable Mutts
You may not be able to adopt a mixed breed dog from a shelter right now and that’s okay. No one should make an impulse decision about something so important or take on a dog that won’t fit into their lifestyle. You also don’t want to surprise someone with a pet. Fortunately, people who loves dogs and want to see every dog find a home can help dispel myths about those of mixed parentage. They are valuable and make just as good of pets as purebreds.

If you decide to adopt a mixed breed dog this month, please schedule a check-up with us as soon as possible. Our staff will make sure that your new friend gets off on the right paw with your family.

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