Halloween Hints for Pets


Our vets and staff have a few suggestions to make sure this wonderful holiday is as much fun for pets as it is for humans!Chesire Cat

1. Keep the candy away from your pets, and your pets away from the candy. Many people know that chocolate can be poisonous to pets. Small dogs can be affected by small amounts, even a snack-sized bar or two. Some ingredients in hard candies and other human treats are bad for our pets. And of course, our excited pets sometimes eat wrappers, too; foil and plastics are not digestible and can cause serious health concerns.

2. We all know to be careful of candles. But if you're using dry ice to create a creepy mist, keep pets away; the fog is composed of carbon dioxide gas.

3. Strangely-dressed strangers coming repeatedly to the door! Bells ringing, ghosts wailing, sound effects! And we ourselves put on costumes, looking and sounding differently than usual. Minimize stress for your pets and if they are anxious, put them in a quiet room with the door shut. Don't take your pet trick-or-treating and remember that a scary mask can frighten a dog as much as it can a small child.

4. Many people enjoy putting costumes on their pets. Remember that some pets can become scared, irritated, or uncomfortable in costumes. A Halloween bandana might be enough!

5. Remember our curious cats, some of whom are attracted to the glow sticks which have become popular in recent years. Using a glow stick as a chew toy can cause mouth irritation and foaming.

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