Cedar Pet Clinic Lake Elmo—Healthy Resolutions With Your Pet



The countdown is over and the New Year is in full swing! It’s likely that you came up with a list of resolutions you want to accomplish this year, or at least thought about the changes you’d like to make for yourself. Chances are, you may have forgotten one thing: New Year’s resolutions for your pet. Don’t worry, Cedar Pet Clinic Lake Elmo is dedicated to providing optimal care for your beloved pet. Thus, a few New Year’s pet resolution ideas for you.

•Spend more time going on walks together. Nothing tells your dog you love him more than quality time spent together outdoors. Your body will thank you too!

•Try a new activity together. Whether it’s hiking, skiing, kayaking, maybe even check out our news article on the new dog park in our area! (Stillwater Dog Park) There are so many ways to incorporate time with your dog into your exercise routine. 

•Make a date to come see us in Lake Elmo. Yearly examinations are vital for your pet’s overall health. As your pet gets older, he is more prone to health problems. The earlier the detection, the more likely we can treat underlying issues, and ultimately, the more time you will have to spend with your pet!

•Brush your pet’s teeth daily! Yes, daily. Dental disease is a lot more common in pets than many realize. 

• No pets in your family?  Volunteer! Try spending some time helping out in an animal shelter. You’ll make many animal’s days by doing so. 


We hope 2015 brings you and your family many smiles and tail wags!


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