Prevent a Memorial Day Mishap with Your Dog

Not All Dogs Are Born Swimmers
Your dog always needs supervision around water, even if you take her swimming regularly. An unsupervised dog could easily fall in and drown since swimming doesn't come naturally to every breed of dog. If your dog goes boating with your group, make sure she is wearing a flotation device before hitting the open water. Lastly, don't allow your dog to drink water from a swimming pool. The chlorine and other chemicals could make her sick.
Dehydration Can Happen Quickly
It's important to provide your dog with plenty of fresh drinking water if he will be spending time outside with you during the Memorial Day gathering. Since they lack the ability to sweat, dogs can only release heat through panting and through their paw pads. In addition to staying hydrated, make sure there are enough shady areas where he can hang out if it looks like he is getting too warm.

Up-to-Date Identification
Dogs are more likely to run off in when they're in unfamiliar surroundings or when they become over-excited due to a change in routine. To avoid a permanent separation, make sure that your dog's ID tag and microchip contain your name and current contact information. 


The entire staff at Cedar Pet Clinic Lake Elmo would like to wish your entire family a Happy Memorial Day.

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