Why Choose Us?

Our practice includes not only many different breeds of dogs and cats but also birds both large and small, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, hedgehogs, turtles, rats and mice, chinchillas, ferrets, guinea pigs, pet chickens, ducks and geese, snakes, iguanas, chameleons, frogs, sugar gliders, and more. Because of our long experience, and our commitment to continuing education, we provide extraordinary care for your extraordinary pet, whatever species it may be!

Cedar Pet Clinic Lake Elmo is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), the only accrediting organization for small animal hospitals in the U.S. and Canada.  Less than 15% of all animals hospitals qualify for AAHA accreditation, which requires regular comprehensive evaluations on over 900 standards of veterinary  care. We proudly display the AAHA logo.  

At Cedar Pet Clinic Lake Elmo, we believe that quality of life is as important as longevity. Diagnosis and treatment of illness in companion animals is only part of our work; prevention of disease is central to the way we practice medicine. We recommend physical examinations, tailored vaccine protocols, diet review, and regular testing for widespread serious problems such as heartworm disease and feline leukemia. 

Clinic and Staff Affiliations and Memberships

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Our staff is connected with our profession and dedicated to continuing education.  These are some of the organizations we are affiliated with:

  • American Veterinary Medical Association
  • American Animal Hospital Association
  • Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association
  • Association of Avian Veterinarians
  • Animal Care Foundation
  • Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians
  • Veterinary Hospital Managers Association
  • Minnesota Association of Veterinary Technicians
  • Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Services, Minneapolis
  • Animal Emergency Referral Center, St. Paul
  • Animal Emergency Referral Center, Oakdale

What Our Clients Say.....

Dr. Baillie was very informative and really answered all my questions, and my son's questions.  I didn't feel rushed, which I really appreciated.  You guys took great care of Vincent (chinchilla) and we learned so much about him and how to care for him better.  (J.C.)

You have a good clinic and I appreciate your friendliness and good care.  And, I am grateful to find a good bird clinic.    (C.S., West St. Paul)

Dr. Keller was wonderful with Leo.  He is a bit nervous at the vet’s office but Dr. Keller took the time to let him get comfortable with her.  Great experience.  I have two German Shepherds and we will be back.  (anon)

Dr. Olson was so gentle and kind.  I’ve experienced the same with all of your doctors and staff.  What a wonderful place to be able to take a pet that is part of our family!  You guys do an awesome job!!!  Thank you for helping me keep Kona (dog) healthy and happy.  (S.M., Woodbury)

We were incredibly impressed by your clinic.  We called with a health concern and were told we could come in right away.  The staff stayed past closing time to make sure Juno (dog) was taken care of.  We will be back, and will be recommending the clinic to others. (anon)

I was able to come in the same day, which I appreciated.  The doctor was very gentle with my chicken and informative to me about her condition.  (anon)

We were first timers and had an unexpected need for our dog Bosco.  Not only did you see us promptly, you were kind and thorough.  You took time to answer all of our questions and were excellent listeners.  Wonderful and patient.  (A.O., Lakeland)

Absolutely loved it.  I am a worry wart and you calmed my nerves and answered all my questions and concerns and never looked at me like I was insane.   You let me call when I have concerns.  Reptile Monster.  (H.D., Woodville, WI)

Treated my guinea pig as any other pet and really seemed to want to do what is best for him.  (anon)

I feel my parakeet Bow was handled very well.  (E.S., Spring Valley WI)

Great all around.  I’ve never seen a pet so relaxed at a vet before!   Reptile.  (N.F., Hudson WI)

You helped us when our dog had an emergency and we are very grateful for your kindness.   I felt that Cinnamon was in the best of hands.  We will be sure to recommend you to others!   (anon)

The vet was very caring of my dwarf Robo Hamster.  She made my very small pet seem important, and even showed me how to handle and dose my hamster.  Everyone from the doctor to the front desk staff was very friendly.  (J.O., Woodbury)

Very kind and I could tell everyone really cared.  I came back the next day to pick up my pet and everyone knew her name!  (anon)

We were so pleased that you took the time to educate our youth about how to care for our bearded dragon, Tallulah.   They also loved meeting Moe, the cat and holding the guinea pig! (J.S., Lake Elmo)

You were all terrific, friendly, professional, courteous.  I just want to thank everyone for their courteous treatment toward my dog, Clifford.  I have gotten "looks" about his age and mobility issues for many years and it has been wonderful to feel listened to and respected.  I believe laser is helping him a lot!!  Thank you all so much!!

The work was professional and friendly.  I felt confident with Dr. Plantz and so did our dog!  (anon)

We were treated with respect.  My family member (reptile) was treated like they were part of your family.  We are important!  (D.S.)

I'm happy to find vets in the neighborhood that are familiar with rabbits.  (D.R., Stillwater) 

We found everything about our visits to be top notch.  Make room in the appointment book for our 2 kitties, and budgie, Archie!  (anon, Minneapolis) 

Very professional.  Treated me and my dog with care and respect and as individuals, not "just another appointment".  Felt well taken care of. (J.G., Woodbury)

Seeing the x-rays was a first for us and it was so helpful.  Dr. Baillie is the vet every pet should have -- caring, concerned, and so knowledgable.  We have no hesitation in saying he saved our cat's life last week!  We felt totally reassured that Oscar was in good hands.  (D.O., Woodbury)

Great!  I felt that even though we were having a rat seen, she was still treated as a valued pet.  (D.B., Woodbury)

I loved the doctor follow-up call -- very nice!!  (M.B., Oakdale)

My classroom guinea pig had to be seen on an emergency basis.  Your veterinarian was so kind and caring.  Her compassion, love of animals and people (teachers and students) was very evident.   Your office was so generous and kind my husband and I want to bring our personal pet dog to you for care.  Your whole staff was awesome.  (C.H., Stillwater)

Superb service and impressive.  You spent time with me -- this is important.  Duck.  (D.S.)

This form cannot describe how helpful, informative kind, efficient, and good with my bird I thought you all were.  (P.H., Oakdale)

I am so grateful for having come across your website.  I based my decision on the vet biographies (credentials, continuing education, and experience.)  Bird. (M.L., Oakdale) 

Very comfortable and confident.  Pet chicken.  (S.S.) 

Loved that Dr. Baillie and staff took time to pet and hug my enthusiastic dog.  I never felt like I was rushed out the door;  he took plenty of time with us.  (D.A., Stillwater)

All the staff are so friendly and know Walter by name.  Walter (dog) could be a poster child for the laser therapy.  (K.C., Lakeland) 

Thank you for getting Hunter (dog)  in right away.  (E.M.)

This is my first larger bird and I don't have a lot of experience yet.  I felt very comfortable asking questions I didn't know and appreciated how everyone welcomed Paco and I.  (M.D., South St. Paul) 

I brought in what I thought was a dying rat hoping the doctor would be able to give me something to help her in her last days.  What other see as a pest, Dr. Plantz saw her as my family.  She never mentioned putting her down... instead, she gave me a medication... Ben is better than ever thanks to her.  I'm so grateful.  (A.B., River Falls, WI)

You did a great job!  Daisy is new to us and is a rescue dog.  She can get very frightened by little things and you all handled her with love.  I like the fact that you called to see how she was doing...(L.R., Oakdale)

This was my first time visiting and I was extremely impressed.  Cedar is a small, friendly pet clinic with caring employees and vets.  The atmosphere is what one would hope to find at a clinic for their beloved pet(s).  Thank you.  I will be back.  (A.G., Woodbury, MN)  

I am glad to have finally found a veterinarian that has lots of experience with birds.  Dr. Baillie was recommended to us by another vet and we had an excellent experience... Thanks!  (J.M., St. Paul)  

Happy that we found our new pet clinic.  (C.J., St. Paul)  

We knew our dog had bad allergies, and we loved the care and concern given to him.  He was miserable!   We have now found you, and we are now completely moving to you.   (C.M., Stillwater)  

You first saw and treated (rodent) Dex on Thursday.  Today is Sunday and I see a very positive change in him already.  Good call, Dr. Plantz!  (anon) 

Exactly what I was looking for.  (E.M., Hudson, WI)  

I have never met a more personal vet than Dr. Plantz.  My cat, Charlie just loved her.  I was overall (if you could not tell) satisfied with everything, but Dr. Plantz was awesome!  (S.H., Maplewood)  

It's a pleasure to do business with people who obviously genuinely care about the families they serve!  (anon) 

We were very happy with the care you gave Hawkeye, Goldie, Crook and Chicken (our chickens).  You gave us much more of your time and attention than some "human" physicians do.  Thank you!  (anon)  

I am a first-time puppy owner and I appreciated the time spent explaining and answering my questions  (T.O., Lake Elmo)

The first thing we noticed how was much you all love your animals.  All the pictures and stories prove that.  (D.Z., Bayport)

I was very impressed and thankful about Nellee Finn's chronic problem.  For the first time in 4 ½ yrs I felt like someone really cared and was willing to offer suggestions and remedy to work toward solutions.  I have never been so impressed with a clinic.  (M.S., Woodbury)

I am really happy to have found a clinic for my conure.  (K.S., Vadnais Heights)

...just what I have been looking for.  Small, but with latest technology.  I also like the option of seeing the same vet every time.  Very friendly --  a big plus.  (J.M.)

I was very happy that Cedar called to check up on Gandalf.  (anon)

I appreciated the detailed description.  I want facts I can base treatment decisions on for my bird.  (anon)

I was very happy with your medical work and the way you handled my pet.  (anon)

Im very pleased with the care you gave my elderly dog, Cassie.  (D.R., Stillwater)

My rabbit  generally is extremely nervous.  He was very calm at your clinic.  (C.W. River Falls, WI)

I appreciated the detailed description.  I want facts I can base treatment decisions on for my bird.  (anon)

Cedar Pet is just what I have been looking for.  Small, but with latest technology.  I also like the option of seeing the same vet every time.  Very friendly --  a big plus.  (J.M., Lake Elmo)

Dr. Baillie is great.  I believe he is an animal whisperer.  My kitten immediately loved him.  (anon)

Your staff treated us like family.  I can't tell you how comforting it was when our little Bella was so sick.  Your staff kept us up to date and always encouraged me to call any time with concerns.  Thank you all for giving us Bella again!  (the N's, West Lakeland) 

The day I walked in your door, I knew Duncan was going to be in a safe and loving place...  (E.J., White Bear Lake)

I was looking for a welcoming and comfortable place to take Lily and you were exactly what I was looking for.  (K.S., Stillwater)

We want to thank everyone for the wonderful care our Annie received during her recent surgery.  We know she could not have been in better hands and we truly appreciate your expertise.  (anon)

Dr. Baillie, thank you for all you have done, and continue to do, for (ferret) Dude and for his very anxious parents!  (B.L., Red Wing)

Our dear veterinarian.  My mother was so happy with the wonderful care that her lovebird Peachy got that she made two of her little birdie bags up.  One is for the lovebird in your office, and the other is for you to take home for your lovebird.  Thank you and Dr. Baillie for caring about our little feathered friends, too.  (K.J., Oak Park Heights)

Dear Dr. Baillie,  I'd like to thank you for the incredible care you gave not only to Rosie, our rat, but to our whole family.  As you know, most people don't appreciate rats and your acknowledgement of her importance in our family is something we're all grateful for.  (D.C., Mahtomedi)

I have brought my three pet guinea pigs in to the Lake Elmo Clinic several times, usually due to minor colds that they had been experiencing.  I have been so impressed with your kindness and sound advice when it comes to my beloved pets I would not consider taking my pets anywehere else.  (S.C., Roseville)

I know if he could have talked he would have thanked everyone for being so special during his time of need.  (D.L., St. Paul)

Your clinic is the best clinic ever.  Milo really liked you guys!  Thank you.  (A and K)

Thank you for taking care of me when I was so sick.  As you can see by my photograph I'm fully recovered with a very healthy fur coat.  I just wanted to let you all know I'm back to my old self, doing my ferret war dance with the rest of my brothers and sisters! (N.W.)

To the wonderful staff, thank you for all the extra care you give to me!  House calls are almost unheard of these days, yet you take the time to visit me.  I know all of the staff and residents at Croixdale truly appreciate the care you give me!  Merry Christmas.  XOXOXO  Skipper  (Skipper is the resident bird at senior residence Croixdale in Stillwater.)

It's extraordinary!!  (T.B., Brooklyn Center)

We appreciated the thorough explanation we were giving and will trust the care of our bird to you.  (C.N., Eden Prairie)

You handled a difficult patient, (our tortoise) with care and appreciation...  (anon)

We feel you had the best interest for Molly and answered our concerns promptly.  We feel good about her care.  (H.C., Stillwater)

Our pet was very happy, we were all so pleased.  (anon)

Very patient in answering my many questions.  (J.L., Maplewood)

Everyone was so warm, friendly, and made us feel welcome to your practice.  (L.C., Stillwater)

I was very pleased with the care you gave my rat.  (K.T., Lauderdale)

It was nice to find a vet that actually knows about rabbits.  I was very happy that Cedar called to check up on Gandalf.  (anon)

I appreciate the fact that your clinic treats pet chickens.  (anon)

Dr. Baillie was very patient with the uncooperative little mice.  He seemed knowledgeable about their care.  (F.K., Oakdale)

Treated our guinea pig as though he was special.  Loved the informational dog clinic that I brought my kids to.  It helped my son who is afraid of dogs.  (S.O., Lake Elmo)

Amazing.  Izzy left the office very happy and so did we.  (J.H., Oakdale)

Thank you for taking our pet on short notice.  It is nice to know you were there.  (L.T., Hudson, WI)

We appreciated the follow up call.  (anon)

I felt you went above and beyond with my ferret.  (anon)

Didn't talk to me like a child, which is awesome.  (anon)

I'm glad we switched.  (J.H., Wayzata)

It was so very nice to have a followup call from the doctor.  (J.H., Lake Elmo)

I can tell you love animals.  (K.A., West Lakeland)

Maverick & Hovan seem to like it there.  (K.H., Oakdale)





AAHA Accredited

What does AAHA Accreditation mean?  We have been evaluated on over 900 standards of veterinary excellence and have been awarded this status - one that only 15% of veterinary hospitals attain!


After-Hours Emergencies

After Hours Veterinary Care
1014 Dale Street North
St. Paul, MN 55117
(Inside Como Park Animal Hospital just north of downtown St. Paul)
24-hour care for multiple species

Animal Emergency & Referral Center of MN
1163 Helmo Avenue N
Oakdale, MN 55128


Animal Emergency & Referral Center of MN
1542 7th St. W.
St. Paul, MN 55012
(located 2 blocks east of 35E)