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We have a pet-loving staff, and we also love the inventive names of pets that come through our doors.    Here are a few current favorites:hamster

A Bernese Mountain Dog named Lavazza Bean.  A cat called Princess Luna, and another named Squishy Tickles.    We take care of two rats named Goober and Glitzy,  and a chicken called Captain Jack Banty.   One of our favorites is a budgie, a parakeet,  who goes by Greenery Scenery.  And we always enjoy seeing the Russian Dwarf Hamster Ham-Eye-Am!


Photo credit: Yurchyk--Dreamstime

NATIONAL PET WEEK! Celebrate with fun on-line pet games

May 5 to 11 is National Pet Week this year,  a week to remember and celebrate the importance of our animal companions in our lives, and to be reminded of the importance of regular health care to promote long, healthy and happy lives for our pets.  cedar pet week

We're having fun this week with a set of on-line games, for all ages, published in connection with National Pet Week, in which a pug named Fast Frankie and a tabby called Crash Cathy race each other to the beach and to the finish line.   See http://www.petweek.org/petweek500.html  and all we can say is, drive safely!!


Photo credit: GlobalP-istockphoto





Fun bits from the papers: Naming Pets and Pet Chickens!

We saw these fun articles in the papers recently -- yes, we still read newspapers! -- and thought you would enjoy them, too.

The first was in the Star Tribune in April in the My Minnesota column, and profiles a family that has enthusiastically brought pet chickens into their family.   The title is "Family Invites Chickens to Roost as Pets".   Find it here.


And the second, from the New York Times, on the fine art of naming a dog,  is titled "You Named Me Brutus?  Really?"  Find it here. 


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