Just Say No to Fleas and Ticks This Spring

Ticks Are Prevalent in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Companion animals in the Midwest are at higher risk for tick-borne illnesses simply because we have more ticks in this region. Ticks are most likely to attach to an animal's body at the ears, neck, head, and feet, although you can find them anywhere. They are most active at this time of year since they tend to live in grass and tall brush where they can easily transfer to your dog or cat. Even indoors pets can get ticks when an outdoor pet brings one in the house with him.
Unlike flea infestation, your pet may not show obvious signs that he has been bitten by a tick. It's nearly impossible to see them until their entire body becomes engorged with blood. Unfortunately, ticks can transmit serious diseases to your pet, such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, anemia, and tick paralysis. That is why it's essential to do a tick check each night by running your hands down your pet's entire body. Don't forget to check her underside while you're at it.
Flea and Tick Prevention
Keeping your lawn cut short and eliminating organic debris such as leaves and rake clippings can lower the flea and tick population in your yard. Be sure to use a flea comb on your pet daily and to remove ticks immediately if you spot one. Washing your pet's bedding in hot water at least once a week is effective also.
Our veterinarians are happy to recommend the best flea and tick control for your pet based on his lifestyle. While we ask about flea and tick prevention at each wellness exam, you're welcome to schedule an appointment with Cedar Pet Clinic Lake Elmo at any time.

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